Pre School

At Rainbows promise we accept children from 6 weeks to 5 years. As a Christian based school, it is important to us to create an environment where all children can grow, be encouraged and feel accepted.

Our well trained care-givers consistently strive to create a nurturing, happy and caring environment for all our children.

We have four classes that care for our children. 


The Beautiful Birds Class Nursery (6 weeks – 1 year)

Class activities include satisfying the basic needs of an infant, namely feeding (milk & beginning stages of solids), sleep, and hygiene (nappy changing). First stage of playtime development.


mouseThe Musical Mouse Class (1 – 2yrs)

Class activities follow on from the basic satisfying of needs from the infant class as well as incorporating a morning ring (prayer, story time and singing) parallel & outdoor play and teaching/encouraging new social skills such as eating independently.


The Cheerful Crocs Class (+/- 2yrs – potty training class)

Class activities are more structured and include morning bible reading & prayer, story time, class work (painting, drawing, puzzles, play dough & movement/dancing). Healthy social skills are encouraged and taught (e.g. sharing/taking turns, shared sympathy & respect for peers)

Potty training is encouraged once the toddler shows any sign of interest.

duckThe Dancing Ducks (3yrs) & The Genius Giraffes (4 yrs)

Structured class activities incorporating fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, memory training, development of listening skills and the development & stimulation of the conscience. Based on Christian principles.

Calendar 2017


09th January 2017


08th December 2017

Please note that the school closes at 12pm on the last day of school.


08th January 2018


01st March – Ash Wednesday

20th March – School Holiday

21st March – Human Rights Day

14th April – Good Friday

17th April – Family Day

27th April – Freedom Day

28th April – School holiday

01st May – Workers Day

25th May – Ascension Day

16th June – Youth Day

09th August – National Women’s Day

24th September – Heritage Day

25th September – Heritage Day observed


13th April – Bunny Hop over Day

24th November – Christmas Tea


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